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SG Ronna z Vodnanské doliny


AKC DN 62431001
Hips: Normal
Elbows: Normal
DM: Clear
DOB: March 14, 2016
Father: Enrico vom Klinkert
Mother: Klea z Vodnanské doliny

Ronna is an import from Prague. She has high prey and food drive, and a kind temperament. Her social temperament does not take away from her strong aggression; and in defense this female packs a punch in her bite work. She has nice, full strikes with good pressure. She is very quick in her obedience, with great gusto in her movements. She enjoys working with her handler and would be happiest spending all of her time running around outside with her person. Along with her incredibly goofy personality, Ronna is all in all a pleasure to work and live with. For as high energy as this girl is, she sure does love to cuddle and get belly rubs.

What she may lack in size (though very within standard for a female), she makes up for in heart. She does everything at full speed, with no breaks. Her toy drive is almost over the top - and she loves to engage with people! Her puppies thus far all have good structure, nice drives, and work very well with their handlers.


She is friendly toward other dogs and people, and is a wonderful mother. She loves puppies and plays well with them, but is great at letting them know when they have over stepped boundaries. A lovely mother and a bitch we will be grateful to have in our pedigrees for generations to come.

Ronna had one final litter with Woodwolf Kennels before retirement. She is now spayed and living in PA. Enjoy your retierement, momma, you earned it. Thank you for the B (Kackey - 8 puppies), F (Krockett - 3 puppies), and G (Finnick - 3 puppies) litters.

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