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Harwoods Pile Driving Iris


AKC DN 47136702
Hips: OFA Excellent
Elbows: OFA Normal
DOB: July 9, 2016
Father: Chuligán pod Cvilínem
Mother: Riptide's Pile Driving Izzy

Iris is a smaller female, weighing in at only 53lbs. She has medium food drive, high drive for a toy, as well as high prey and defense. She has a full grip, and is a leg dog. Her biddability and clear headedness cannot be beat; there is never a chance she will not out off of a bite, and return when called. She also has an incredible nose, and loves to use it.

Typical for the breed, she is the kind of dog who will go all day long with no breaks. She will, however, settle in the home with us for family time. Thus far, she has produced her drives, her clear headedness and her biddability. We are looking to continue to improve upon her drives while also keeping her very stable nerves within her progeny.


She is friendly towards people and dog selective. She is social with all males, but selectively social with females. She is a spectacular mother. She loves puppies and plays well with them, but is great at letting them know when they have over stepped boundaries. We are thankful every day to have her as one of our foundation females.

Iris is now in retired here in WV with a family friend as a personal protection dog. Thank you for the A (Ivo - 9 puppies) and E (Uther - 6 puppies) litters, girl. Enjoy your frisbee.

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