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Title Options for Full Registration

Below you will find the current title options & requirements to have your von der Shockeyhaus dog lifted from Limited Registration to Full Registration.


There are NO exceptions to getting Full Registration on a dog from us; you MUST get one of the title options listed below.

Any one of the following options, along with passing hips/elbows as listed in our contract (or on our Health Guarantee page if you're looking into our dogs), are required for registration lift.

**Note: We hold the explicit right to amend our requirements for upgrade as we see necessary. As sports change, so do difficulty, and therefore we may increase or decrease our own requirements.


BH and IGP1

Protection Sports Association:


Monidoring Sport/French Ring:

MRI / FRI (Brevet is not necessary)

Working Dogs of America:

OB1 and P1

or PS1/PD1/etc

For buyers uninterested in bite sports:

One written certification with passing completion in any of the following:

- Apprehension

- Narcotics Detection

- Explosives Detection

- Search and Rescue

- Human Remains Detection

- Bed Bug Detection


1 Entry level bite sport title (BH, PDC, Brevet, FO, etc.) + 1 novice level + 1 intermediate level title of your choosing (please contact me with your ideas for the latter titles for approval prior to pursuing them).

We do not expect the world of you, simply prove to us that the dog is worth breeding. Please do not request that we lift to full registration on titles such as lure coursing and dock diving. While we believe our dogs have a lot to offer to the gene pool, we also strongly believe that if you wish to breed, you need to be fully prepared to do so in an appropriate manner.

**We do require that any of our buyers interested in becoming a breeder sign up for at minimum Avidog's A to Z Puppy Rearing course, now available through Good Dog.

**last updated 01/02/2023

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