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Frozen in Time

This is frozen semen that we own here at vd Shockeyhaus and intend to use on females in the future.
At this time, none of the semen is for sale.
Click on the male's names to be taken to their pedigrees.


FRIII, 1996 NARA FRIII Champion
04/28/1993 - 11/29/2005
Elgos Du Chemin Des Plaines x Ophelie Des Deux Pottois

"Raptor is a medium height, but substantial Malinois, weighing 82-85 lbs. He has the obsessive, full mouth, calm, hard bite characteristic of dogs from his pedigree (Elgos, Atos, G'Vitou, Toby II). Raptor enjoys working with his handler and is resilient, but not handler aggressive." - Dantero

He is from a very successful litter sired by Elgos and we are excited to own the final breeding in the world of such a wonderful male.

2009 NARA FRI Championship Cup 2nd place
Rytmo des Deux Pottois x Calice du Dantero

"Havok is a solid/strong male, with high drives, a full very hard grip, social/stable personality, and excellent jumper. Strong barking/guarding, he has a civil streak and gets stronger with pressure. When not working he has a calm demeanor with a good on/off switch. He is very clear in the head when working. Medium sized, 25 inches and 65-68 lbs." - Dantero

As one of Kadi's most prized males we are blessed to currently own 2 breedings of Havok.


02/08/1992 - 05/21/03

Extra De Monteuffel x Ailza De Nathal

"Lots of prey drive, and very high fight drive. He loved the game, but also had a very intense attitude. When I first got him we spent a lot of time working with him, "calming" him down (ie trying for a little more prey, a little less fight) trying for that consistently clean out, and on 6/27/96 we took HIT FRIII with a score of 346.5 (most of the points lost were lost to slow outs or rebites). I can't over emphasize E's stability, he's a dog who knows when to work hard, when to play hard, and when to be loving and gentle." - Dantero

We own one breeding of Enzo. This was truly a once in a lifetime male.


2X WUSV 2005 & 2007

03/02/2001 - ???
Tom van't Leefdaalhof x Bleia von der Mohnwiese

"Gringo is a very famous strong, extreme energy, high drive, upper medium sized male known for producing strong dogs. He is a direct son of Tom van't Leefdaalhof." - Pro Dog Service

2nd Place Belgian Nationals IPOIII Champion
9th Place WUSV 2005
23rd Place WUSV 2007

It is believed that this some of the last semen of Gringo in existence. We are so excited and thankful to own this semen and use it in the near future!

Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 12.59.06 PM.png

V Universal Sieger, IPO 3, KKl-1a, PSA1

04/06/2010 - Still living
Xanto vom Weinbergblick x Abby von der Hagenmühle

"Ayk is an incredibly powerful dog, good with children, other animals and can live in the house or kennel. He has NO temperament flaws and is a proven producer of his type with clear heads and balanced drives in his offspring." - working-dog profile

IPO3 Highest Score: 96/98/97

2018 PSA1 Nationals Competitor

We own 2 breedings of Ayk and are very blessed for the opportunity to have such a hard hitting male available to us.

SG, IPO 3, ÖPO 3

12/28/2010 - Still living
Ivan vom Gernkogel x Wita von der Wolfskralle

Kent has a name that speaks for itself. He has gone on to produce many high level competition dogs who have succeeded at the national levels, and many who are competing at the world level today.

He is a grandson of the great Vox von der Kine which is a dog we absolutely adore. Vox produced heavy hitters with extreme hunt, and great tenacity within the work. With over 200 offspring, Kent is showing to produce many of the same ways Vox once did.

Screen Shot 2023-04-19 at 12.20.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 3.59.34 PM.png


03/02/2017 - Still living
Bosco vom Wolfsbankring x Unja vom Haus Pixner

Woodstock is a large, powerful dog who demonstrates clarity and poise. He has a pedigree full of dogs who have competed at high levels and successfully found their way to the podium. Woodstock, at only 6, is likely to do the same.

IGP3: 99, 98, 100 (First time Judge Günter Glück has ever awarded 100 points in protection)

6th place WUSV 2021

3rd place Nationals 2023

V, SchH3

04/30/1994 - ???
Ex von der Maineiche x Yana von der Fasanerie

Xito was a thick boned powerhouse of a dog. He routinely produced balanced nerve, great prey drive, his giant head, herding ability, and full firm grips.

He was a son of Ex von der Maineiche, a dog who was a major part of my husband's favorite dog from childhood. Xito is a half brother to Ben (the dog my husband grew up with), through Ex, and we are thankful to have access to him.

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