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V, CAC, Junior Champion of RKF Restless Khunde Magnum Force

BH/VT, IGP1 (90,100,100), IGP2 (86,97,93), IGP3 (96,89,96)

**Standing at Stud**
Frozen, Live, or Fresh Chilled available

AKC DN71087601
Hips: A
Elbows: 0
DOB: December 15, 2018
Father: Enzo du Baudet Rouge
Mother: Yassaman Rokky v Sozvezdii Lun
Spondy: Free
OCD: Free
LUW: 0
Eyes: Normal

Force is well... a force. Born in Russia and kept by his breeder for his first years of life, he was described as hard, stubborn, and in a lot of ways "too much dog". He comes from a pedigree of strong, fast and flashy IGP3 dogs. He had the potential and it shows in everything he does.


He is a gifted tracker with ability unlike many malinois - a deep, capable nose. His obedience is clean, clear, and beautiful. In protection he is nothing other than stubborn - but he hits as hard as he can, always with a swallowing grip.

Force has been a joy to have here in the USA, with a goofy personality and a ton of charisma. He enjoys the weekends the most: Saturday for bitework and then Sunday dinners at granny's house where he can get loved on by all of the children.

He is very handler obsessed and lives and breathes for Daryl. We are looking forward to getting him on the trial field this year.

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