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A Duplication of No One vd Shockeyhaus "Flex"


**Leased for breedings**
Owner: Lydia Shoup, IL

AKC DN 58075706
Hips: OFA Excellent
Elbows: OFA Normal
DOB: June 8, 2019
Father: Harwoods Outlaw Ivo
Mother: Harwoods Pile Driving Iris
Eyes: Normal (March 2023)
CHIC: 182117
Dentition: Full

Flex is a production from our "A" litter of Iris x Ivo. We are extremely thankful to her owner for allowing us to lease her for a few breedings, as Flex is nothing short of special.

She boasts extreme toy drive and medium food drive. She has lovely hunt drive and is incredibly nose oriented, not at all visually. Her nose always leads her, even if the toy is in sight. She is a very defensive dog and while she hails high prey, everything is very real to her.

Flex is the kind of dog that controls the room; she is impulsive and frantic in drive due to the sheer amount of it, and she had to learn how to maintain a large amount of neutrality over time. She has a short fuse in drive and will regulate the situation herself if it gets to be too much for her emotionally. However, once her drives are channeled and she has formulated a good relationship with a fair, patient, and levelheaded handler; she is an amazing dog to work with.

Her bitework comes naturally to her; she has never had to be taught /how/ to make it to the decoy - she simply does, easily loading into any kind of stimulation or arousal. This is a double edged sword, but there is no need to go through constant replications in order to build speed or power. This is the kind of animal who does not need drive building, but instead to learn clarity and control.

She is perfect in public settings; very forwardly social with adults and children. Amazing with small animals - to include chickens and small dogs. Selectively social with other dogs and must be introduced properly. She has always been lovely as a travel companion and very clean in a kennel.


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