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SG C'Esra JR 72845 Mn (Shockey)


AKC DN 66528601
Hips: HD - A
Elbows: ED - 0/0
DOB: March 20, 2014
Father: Bill vom Kaisertor
Mother: The Charmed Witches Anna
Height: 22.5"
Weight: 61 lbs

Esra leaves one wanting for nothing. Coming to the USA from Germany, Esra is line bred heavily on Alf vom Nordhang der Eifel, a dog who has produced countless high level competition dogs. Alf was known for not only his longevity but his ability to produce dogs with clear minds, high drive, and impeccable grip strength. Esra herself is nothing short of her grandfather, boasting those same attributes.

She is a girl with tons of drive and impressive offspring - her puppies thus far are all either in law enforcement or sport homes overseas. We are ecstatic at the caliber of dog she is and are so very excited for the opportunity to have her here with us.

Esra's guardian home would describe her as loyal to a fault - she is incredibly in love with "her" children in the home. She settles well, either on the bed or on the couch, and enjoys taking long naps or chewing on her Gumby toy. She will also go all day long, and fully enjoys taking trips to the store or park. She even picked up natural alerts in her new home such as heart rate, and should she had been younger likely would have made for a wonderful service dog candidate.

We are appreciative of the Caudill's for loving Esra in a way we could not provide here in WV, and are forever thankful for them loving her during her full retirement. Enjoy your couch and your kiddos, Esra. Thank you for the C litter - Arcanine, Karma, and Raptor.

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