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AKC ptd, UKC ptd Consider Me Legendary vd Shockeyhaus "Arcanine"

Service Dog

AKC: DN 66780803
Hips: OFA Excellent
Elbows: OFA Normal
DOB: February 23, 2021
Eyes: Normal (October 2022)
Patella: Normal
Dentition: Full
CHIC: 180867
Embark Tested *click!
Father: Chuligan pod Cvilínem
Mother: C'Esra JR 72845

Arcanine is the only female to two brothers in the "C" litter of Esra x Raptor. We took the chance on low semen quality in order to produce a female puppy for our program, and we thank the stars every day that Esra provided us with Arc. Arcanine boasts extreme hunt, medium-high prey, high food drive and amazing recovery.

This girl takes things personally and is rather spicy in her work. She demonstrates an incredible social nature and has been a perfect house companion since an impressively young age. She is aloof towards other dogs, but would prefer to be left alone rather than interact. She is growing more social as she matures. Her handler is her entire world, but she is fully willing to love on anyone who will give her the time of day.


She excels in her work as a service dog for psychiatric tasks, and portrayed an innate ability to pick up on her task training. She has a natural migraine alert for my husband, as well. She continues to be everything we aimed to produce from the "C" litter, and then some. While she is not the perfect bite-sport dog with extreme and over-the-top drives, she is an amazing dog for the breed: versatility is her strong suit and she has yet to be incapable at in any venue we've tried her in.

She is currently in training for detection.

In July of 2022 Arcanine earned her FO at the WV Working K9 Club's WDA trial.

In November of 2022 she achieved 60/100 points towards her UKC CH at Mid-Atlantic Kennel Club.

In April of 2023 she earned her first leg towards her CD with 192.5/200 points, with first place at Mountaineer's Black Diamond Cluster. She also went Winner's Bitch for her first AKC conformation point.

In May of 2023 Arcanine earned her BH/VT at the Alexandria Schutzhund Group.

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