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Allocation Process

I understand that puppies are not custom baked or knitted but left to chance of Mother Nature and God. Shockeyhaus does not produce puppies to custom order. Our list of preferences may or may not be met within a particular litter.

I also understand that temperament and drive is most important to Shockeyhaus when matching puppies to families rather than cosmetic traits. Shockeyhaus understands that when purchasing a puppy, it is desirable to state some preferences about the puppy. Shockeyhaus feels that personality and drive levels are important factors to consider and other cosmetic traits are of less importance.


Thusly, I understand that placement will not be made based on gender.


I am open-minded and flexible in regards to my puppy’s color, size and gender within a particular litter knowing that this will be easier to make a perfect match for my home and family dynamic. I understand that the more particular I am with cosmetic preferences, the more difficult it will be to find a suitable match. Also, I understand that Shockeyhaus retains the right to reserve any puppy for breeding that they choose.

Shockeyhaus assigns puppies based upon the information provided on the application and our assessment of each puppy. Shockeyhaus chooses which puppy goes to each family – I understand that I will not be picking my puppy. I know that this will ensure that the puppies are placed according to their personalities and not their looks based upon pictures. I understand that Shockeyhaus is successful with this method and I trust their process completely.

I acknowledge that Shockeyhaus has the right to refuse to sell me a puppy at any time. I understand that once my application was approved, I will be placed upon a waiting list. Depending on my place on the list either upon confirmation of pregnancy or once puppies are born I will pay a $500 Reservation and Consultation Fee, which is not a deposit, for the time spent consulting me and for the act of placing me on a Reservation List. This Reservation and Consultation Fee will be applied toward the total fee for my Reserved Puppy and is non-refundable since it is for services already performed, but can be transferred to a different available puppy or litter.

All families will be required to agree with this allocation process.

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